A Call to Protest Against Tigre Racism

Last year when the Agazii army from Tigrai killed hundreds of Oromo school children, the Oromians conducted worldwide protest and the effort was fruitful. As a result, human rights organizations and the state department of American acknowledged the suffering of the Oromo people. Now just one year later, the Tigre apartheid rule returned with it\’s brutality and the diaspora Oromians are calling for worldwide protest once again and it is set for december 10, 2015 and beyond. These protests will go on in America, in London, in Australia and elsewhere in the world. While the upcoming preparation to protest against Tigreans Agaazii army murder of school children is encouraging, it is important that the people of empire Ethiopia stage a campaign against Tigreans owned economic interest all over the empire.
We also call upon all freedom loving individuals, groups and organizations to identify individuals and groups who stand in solidarity with the minority Tigre rule and work against our people\’s struggle for freedom and corner these killing tools.
The Oromo Liberation Fronts, Oromo civic organizations, Maderek and other ethnic groups organizations based abroad and inside empire Ethiopia must join this effort and become symbol of resistance against the Tigre tribe apartheid policies.
In addition to identifying with the Oromo people struggle for freedom, we ask all Amhara political and civic organizations to recognize that oppression is bad no matter against whom it is applied.
Recognizing that the countries whom the Tigre tribe is selling our land to are important arms supplier to Apartheid Tigre rulers, protest against their interest in empire Ethiopia until they fully drop their support for apartheid TPLF.
Please call upon the United States government to stop it\’s loyalty to the minority racist tribe who clung onto power by force since 1991
Call upon all African countries who have signed agreements to buy electric power, Bishooftuu and Maqale assembled tanks and other military armors to stop buying these things from apartheid TPLF. They all need to understand that cooperating with the minority Tigre tribe is an act of inter-racist solidarity.
Clarify that the nature of the Tigre apartheid regime known as \”EPRDF\” helps the TPLF to hide it\’s racist nature and made it difficult to speak out against it\’s racist killing practices in Oromia, in Sidama, Benishangul, and against the Qimant people in Gondar.
The Looqee massacres that took place when the Sidaamaa people protested against the Tigre tribal rules was carried out by the current EPRDF prime minister, Haylemariyam Dasaleny. This man has a long history in the repression of the people of empire Ethiopia. This man may speak Amharic with Walayita accent, he is part of the killer Agaazii army from Tigrai. He is responsible for suffocating legitimate protests and campaigns in Sidaamaa and in Oromia. The same thing is true for the alcoholic dummy president of the empire.
We call upon the Amhara people to understand that the oppressed people\’s movement against the Tigre apartheid is a matter of seeking respect for human rights. If we understand that our collective activities are part of social movements that refuses racist agenda in Ethiopia, we can focus on the crimes that the few men from Tigrai carry on all over empire Ethiopia today. Hence, let our solidarity begin by standing for human rights issues. Lets work together on social justice and civil rights issues. Reflecting on our tensions only allows the notorious TPLF to continue it\’s brutal suppression by using unreformed branch of the police and military.
With the undeniable growing foreign investment and involvement in our country today, the TPLF will be awarded it\’s oppression by greedy commercial interests groups. Hence, lets not miscalculate our collective interest here. Only if we understand this when we see our betrayal that will come to haunt the upcoming generations. Rhetorically supporting national aspirations while wishing to suppress the legitimate rights of our people to resist apartheid is the same as turning a blind eye to injustice. Hence, lets stand firm against hypocrisy and double standards.

Dispatches: Yet Again, a Bloody Crackdown on Protesters in Ethiopia


December 5, 2015 Human Rights, Oromia
(Human Rights Watch) — Student protests are spreading throughout Ethiopia’s Oromia region, as people demonstrate against the possibility that Oromo farmers and residents living near the capital, Addis Ababa, could be evicted from their lands without appropriate – or possibly any – compensation. Social media is filled with images of bloodied protesters; there are credible reports of injuries and arrests in a number of towns; and local police have publicly acknowledged that three students have died so far.

The current protests echo the bloody events of April and May 2014, when federal forces fired into groups of largely peaceful Oromo protesters, killing dozens. At least hundreds more students were arrested, and many remain behind bars. Both then and today, the demonstrators are ostensibly protesting the expansion of Addis Ababa’s municipal boundary into the surrounding Oromia region, which protesters fear will displace Oromo farmers from their land. But these protests are about much more: Many Oromos have felt marginalized and discriminated against by successive Ethiopian governments and have often felt unable to voice their concerns over government policies.

Ethiopian migrants, all members of the Oromo community of Ethiopia living in Malta, protest against the Ethiopian regime outside the office of Malta’s Prime Minister in Valletta June 16, 2014. © 2014 Reuters
Ethiopian migrants, all members of the Oromo community of Ethiopia living in Malta, protest against the Ethiopian regime outside the office of Malta’s Prime Minister in Valletta June 16, 2014. © 2014 Reuters
Of the student protesters detained in 2014, some have been released. Those I spoke with told me about the torture they endured as part of interrogations. But countless others remain in detention. Some have been charged under Ethiopia’s draconian counterterrorism law for their role in the protests; others languish without charge in unknown detention centers and military camps throughout Oromia. This week, five students were convicted of terrorism-related offenses for their role in the protests.

There has been no government investigation into the use of live ammunition and excessive force by security personnel last year.

Ethiopia’s tight restrictions on civil society and media make it difficult to corroborate the current, mounting allegations and the exact details of the ongoing protests emerging from towns like Haramaya, Jarso, Walliso, and Robe. The government may think this strategy of silencing bad news is succeeding. But while the fear of threats and harassment means it is often months before victims and witnesses come forward to reveal what happened in their communities, they eventually do, and the truth will emerge.

The government should ensure that the use of excessive force by its security personnel stops immediately. It should then support an independent and impartial inquiry into the conduct of security forces in the current protests – and last year’s as well. Those responsible for serious abuses should be fairly prosecuted. This would be the best way for the Ethiopian government to show its concern about the deaths and injuries inflicted on the students, that it does not condone the use of live ammunition against peaceful protesters, and that those who break the law are appropriately punished.

Oromia/Ethiopia: Region-Wide, Heavy-Handed Crackdown on Peaceful Protesters


December 5, 2015 Human Rights, Oromia
HRLHA Urgent Action

December 05, 2015

For Immediate Release

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa expresses its grave concern at the continuation of gross human rights violations in Oromia Regional State, violations that have regularly occurred since 1991 when the TPLF/EPRDF came into power.

The most recent heinous crime was committed- and is still being committed- against defenseless school children protesting against the approval of “the Addis Ababa Integrated Master Plan” by the Oromia Regional State Parliament a month ago. The peaceful protest involved many elementary school, high school, university students and civilians. Among them were students in Western Oromia zones, Najo, Nekemt, Mandi high schools and in other towns, in Central Oromia in Ginchi, Ambo, Addis Ababa high schools and the surrounding towns, Eastern and Southern Oromia zones, in Haromaya , and Bule Hora Universities and many more schools and universities. In violation of the rights of the citizen to peaceful demonstration enshrined in the Ethiopian Constitution[1] Chapter two, article 30 (1) states “Everyone has the right to assemble and to demonstrate together with others peaceably and unarmed, and to petition. Appropriate regulations may be made in the interest of public convenience relating to the location of open-air meetings and ‘the route of movement of demonstrators or, for the protection of democratic rights, public morality and peace during such a meeting or demonstration” students in all of these places were severely beaten, imprisoned or even killed.

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa emphasizes that the ongoing violence and crimes committed in Oromia Regional State for over two and a half decades by the TPLF perpetrators against the Oromo Nation amount to war crimes, and crimes against humanity- a clear failure of the Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO) authorities, an organization claiming to represent the Oromo Nation. The members of this bogus political organization have proved to be not the Oromo peoples’ true representatives, but rather stand-ins for their real masters who have compromised the interests of the Oromo Nation. The Oromia Regional State authorities/OPDO did not resist the TPLF regime when Oromo children, farmers, intellectuals, members of political organizations were killed, abducted, imprisoned, tortured and evicted from their livelihoods by TPLF security agents in the past two and half decades. Instead, they helped the TPLF regime to control the political and economic resources of the Oromia Regional State. TPLF high officials and ordinary level cadres in Oromia Regional State engaged in enriching themselves and their family members by selling Oromo land, looting and embezzling public wealth and properties in the occupied areas of the Oromo Nation, and committing many other forms of corruption.

Committing atrocities and crimes against humanity are failures to comply with obligations under international law, international human rights law and international humanitarian law, including the principles of proportionality and discrimination. With many civilians suffering from the crimes and serious violations of human rights, and by not taking any measures to ensure the accountability of those responsible for these crimes and violations, it has become clear that after all these years the so called Oromia Parliament (Caffee Oromiyaa) has betrayed the Oromo people by not protecting them. The OPDO members and the Oromia Parliament (Caffee Oromiyaa) members should not continue in silence while Oromo children are brutalized by Aga’azy squads deployed by the TPLF for ethnic cleansing. The Oromia Parliament (Caffee Oromiyaa) and OPDO have a moral obligation to dissolve their institutions and stand beside their people to resist the TPLF regime’s aggression.

The HRLHA believes that the gross human rights violations committed by the TPLF government in cooperation with OPDO in the past two and half decades against Oromo Nation have been pre-planned every time they have happened. TPLF regime security agents imprisoned, killed, tortured, kidnapped, disappeared, and evicted from their ancestral lands thousands of Oromo nationals, simply because of their ethnic backgrounds and to acquire their resources. The TPLF inhuman actions against Oromo civilians are clearly genocidal, a crime against humanity and an ethnic cleansing, which breach domestic and international laws, and all international treaties the government of Ethiopia signed and ratified.

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) expresses its deep concern over the safety and well-being of these Oromo nationals who have been arrested without any court warrant and are being held in different police stations, military camps, “Maekelawi” compound, the main federal police investigation center, in Central Addis Ababa and in different unknown places.

Therefore, HRLHA calls upon governments of the West, all local, regional and international human rights agencies to join hands and demand an immediate halt to these extra-judicial actions, terrorizing civilians and the immediate unconditional release of the detainees.

The HRLHA also calls on all human- rights defender non-governmental, civic organizations, its members, supporters and sympathizers to stand beside the HRLHA and provide moral, professional and financial help to bring the dictatorial TPLF government and officials to international justice.

The HRLHA is a non-political organization that attempts to challenge abuses of human rights of the people of various nations and nationalities in the Horn of Africa. It works to defend fundamental human rights, including freedoms of thought, expression, movement and association. It also works to raise the awareness of individuals about their own basic human rights and those of others. It encourages respect for laws and due process. It promotes the growth and development of free and vigorous civil societies.

Copied to:

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Home › Horn of Africa › Ethiopia › Oromia › Three sudents killed in protests across Ethiopia’s Oromia state Three sudents killed in protests across Ethiopia’s Oromia state December 6, 2015 Ethiopia, Oromia

December 5, 2015 (ADDIS ABABA) –Three university students were confirmed dead and many others injured following days of protests by students at Haramaya University and other towns in Ethiopia’s Oromia state.

The students were killed by federal police after protesters clashed with security personnel trying to disperse demonstrating students in and around campus.

Students staged the protests over the central government’s controversial plan known as the ‘Addis Ababa Integrated Development Master Plan, which intends to expand the capital, Addis Ababa into parts of Oromia, the country’s largest regional state.

The Oromo protesters argue that the Addis Ababa master plan will lead to large scale evictions to Oromo population and mostly the farmers from its ancestral lands.

Some Oromos in Addis Ababa told Sudan Tribune that the plan was equivalent to land grabbing, which intended to grant local and foreign investors land to be leased or sold.

The government, however, has dismissed those allegations and instead says the expansion plan aims to provide a number of services to remote areas at the region.

According to right groups, the plan to expand the capital into territories of Oromia state breaches the constitutionally guaranteed protection of regions special interests.

Following the protests which began on Tuesday dozens of protesters are also reported to have been arrested. Police said it has taken control of the protests which also spread to a number of towns in western and central part of the region.

Protesters alleged that the security forces have responded with excessive force although the students were on peaceful protest.

An official of the main Oromo opposition party, the Oromo Federalist Congress, who preferred anonymity, called on the Ethiopian government to urgently probe the incident.

The official urged for suspected members of the security force behind the killings to be brought in to justice.

The opposition officials further called for an immediate release of all protesters who are being held in custody.

Last year similar protests that took place in the Oromia region over the unpopular master plan led to deaths of dozens of university students and other protesters.

The Oromos are the single largest ethnic group in Ethiopia which make up over 40% of Ethiopia’s 95 million population. The Oromos have long felt being discriminated and marginalized by successive governments.

Meanwhile, the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) party warned that Ethiopia is at a state of risk of disintegration due to the violent polices of the central government.

Oromia/ Ethiopia: Oromia Paramilitary Commits Torture and Rape

HRLHA Urgent Action

October 12, 2015


Harassments and intimidations through arbitrary arrests, beatings, torture and rapes were committed in Ada’a Berga district Western Showa Zone of Oromia Regional State against young Oromo nationals on September 24 and 25, 2015. More than 30 young Oromos were picked up from their homes at night by an Oromia paramilitary force.

According to HRLHA informants in Ada’a Berga, the major targets of this most recent District Administration officials-sponsored violence were mostly young Oromos working in the Dangote Cement Factory and university students who were there to visit their families in the summer break. HRLHA informants from the area confirmed that this particular operation against young Oromo nationals in Ada’a Barga was led by the local government official obbo Tolera Anbasse.
In this incident more than 30 young Oromos (16-25 ages)  were arrested; more than 20 were severely beaten by the Oromia Paramilitary and confined in the Ada’a Barga district Police station for three days in violation of  the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Article 19 (3) “Persons arrested have the right to be brought before a court within 48 hours of their arrest. Such time shall not include the time reasonably required for the journey from the place of arrest to the court. On appearing before a court, they have the right to be given prompt and specific explanation of the reasons for their arrest due to the alleged crime committed”.

Although it has been difficult to identify everyone by their names, HRLHA informants have confirmed that the following were among the arrestees:

1) Rabbirraa Gaarradoo
2) Fiqaaduu Amaaraa
3) Tasfaayee Dalasaa
4) Biraanuu siyyumee
8) Abbush Masfiin
9) Daniel Taarraqany
10) Fiqaaduu Tolasaa
11) Biraanuu Dabalaa
14) Kaasahun Baqqalaa
15) Alamuu Ajjabii
16) Nuwaay Tasfaayee
17) Lataa Taaddasaa
18) Tolasaa Guutamaa
19) Muluu Balaachoo
20) Alamuu G/mariyam
21)  Katanga Baayyuu
22)  Fayyisaa Raggaanee

All arrestees were accused of what the police referred to as “instigating the public against the government”.

When the arrestees were brought to court, one man explained to the court that he had been beaten severely in front of his family members and his wife and his sister age 16 were raped by one of the paramilitary members.

The arrestees showed their scarred backs to the court to indicate the torture inflicted on them by the Paramilitary. Even though the court released all the arrestees on bail the police refused the court order and took them to jail.The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) expresses its deep concern over the safety and well-being of these arrested Oromo nationals and urge the Oromia Regional State Government to make sure that the bail conditions granted by the court are respected and release the arrestees unconditionally. HRLHA also urges the Oromia Regional State to bring the torturers and rapists paramilitary members to justice.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send appeals to the Oromia Regional  Government and its concerned officials as swiftly as possible, in English and Afaan Oromo:

* Muktar Kedir
Office of Oromiya National Regional State President Office
Telephone –   0115510455

* Ibrahim Haji,
Oromia Police Commissioner
Office Near to LANCIA & Co.
Tel. (251) 114 702 144 or  011-416 40 22 Or 011-416 22 61
Email: info@oromiapolice.gov.et
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Urgent Appeal – Disappearance of Mr. Dabasa Guyo Saffaro

To Kenyan President Office
Nairobi – Kenya

Urgent Appeal

Disappearance of Mr. Dabasa Guyo Saffaro in Kenya –
An Oromo cultural and religious Scholar


It is with great sadness that we learned the disappearance of Dabasa Guyo Saffaro – a prominent Oromo Cultural and religious leader residing in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mr. Dabasa; a highly respected Oromo historian, thinker and cultural guru; was kidnapped on 27 September 2015 after the celebration of annual Oromo thanks giving day -Irreecha. He is an accomplished traditional expert who has dedicated himself for the revival of indigenous knowledge system in the Horn of Africa.  In particular his profound knowledge of the Gada system – an indigenous Democratic system of governance- has placed him among the few irreplaceable Oromo experts in the Horn of Africa. His extensive knowledge and exposition of the Gada system – currently practiced among the Oromos, has contributed not only to the revival of the system but also to its wider diffusion among international scholars such that it is currently being reviewed for recognition by UNESCO as one of the world heritages. Thanks to his dedication and exposition that the Gada system has obtained the attention it deserves as purely indigenous African wisdom of Governance.  The system has greatly contributed to socio-political peace and harmony among communities in the horn of Africa, but sadly so it appears that it has not offered Dabasa Guyo the peace he has preached all his life.

On the same footing, for his mastery of the wisdom of Waaqeffanna- a monotheist system of belief among the Oromos- and its practices, Dabasa Guyo was considered the Delai Lama of the Horn of Africa. He has an amazing memory of the indigenous knowledge of the Boran in particular and is indeed considered a walking encyclopedia of history, culture and belief and Oromo system of knowledge and philosophy in general.

He has travelled to different corners of the world to lecture about the importance of maintaining traditional wisdoms for the good of future generations and has created a network of similar traditions and is a well regarded by all.

Although finger pointing at this stage could be misleading, it is not difficult to point out that he had rough time with government of Ethiopia who was responsible for his eviction from the country some 35 year ago. Although he has never been a member of any political organization; his giant stature among Oromo scholars has always been seen with great suspicion by the Government of Ethiopia who shivers at any aspect of Oromo nationalism. In truth, Dabasa Guyo is just a free thinker and father of Argaa Dhageeti –  a traditional oral knowledge system that embodies culture, tradition, history and belief among the Oromo in the Horn of Africa.

Mr. Dabasa Guyo was kidnapped;  by no doubt evil forces;  while he was doing what he likes doing in life:-preaching peace. On 27 September he took part in the celebration of Irreecha- an annual Oromo thanks giving day – where he delivered his annual thanks giving blessings to his fellow Oromo country men. On this day,   he was kidnapped while on his way from the ceremony. Efforts to locate him have so far not proved successful. We are therefore appealing to the international community, the Kenyan government, the Kenya Police force, all communities in Nairobi to help us locate Mr Dabassa Guyo.

We appeal to you for he is also a father; a grandfather and a head of a family apart from his traditional wisdom.

He is a peace lover and preacher of harmony among communities all his life.
He does not deserve in any way any ill-treatment
We appeal to you to help us find his whereabouts.


Waqeffanna Oromo Religion

Chaffee Oromiyaa Should Stop Handing Over Major Oromian Towns to TPLF


A Statement of Qeerroo Bilisummaa Opposing the Addis Ababa Master Plan Approved by Caffee Oromiyaa

Finfinnee (Addis Ababa)

The so called “Parliament of the Oromia Regional State” aka Caffee Oromiyaa has currently rectified the so called Addis Ababa Integrated Developmental Master Plan which is prepared by the TPLF led federal government to evict Oromo farmers from their ancestral land and control several Oromo towns and eventually dismantle the state of Oromia. The National Youth Movemnet for Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD) aka Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo strongly condemns this plan and hereby releases the following seven-point statement declaring to mobilize Oromo youth for an intensified resistance and protest to stop its implementation.

This so called Master Plan is declared as an organized campaign by the minority Tigrean led federal government of Ethiopia to exterminate and assimilate the Oromo as an indigenous people and destroy and dismantle our homeland Oromia and control our natural resources. The so called proclamation is exclusively prepared by the TPLF elite circles and presented to the so called Caffee Oromia Parliament, which is composed of members of the so called Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO), an organization which is nominally considered as part of the ruling EPRDF party but in essence under the complete control of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). As expected, the Caffee Oromian Parliament, on its conference of October 1 – 3, 2015, has approved a more extended plan not only to expand the capital Addis Ababa to include several neighboring Oromo towns but also to put several Oromian towns beyond the reach of the capital under the TPLF/EPRDF federal administration. Nothing more is expected from this parliament as its members are cherry-picked from some Oromo speaking dummies by TPLF elites through the so called 2015 sham election in which the EPRDF declared 100% victory. Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo condemns this evil plan in the strongest possible terms and will wage a bitter and Oromia wide struggle to stop its implementation.

This declaration of “Master Plan” can be seen as a declaration of war on the Oromo people. It is intended not only to take away Oromo land and resources but also to destroy the Oromo culture, language, and identity and dismantle our ancestral land Oromia and eradicate the Oromo people from the face of the earth. The organization of Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo, Oromo youth, Oromo students and the Oromo people in general once again strongly denounce this plan and will do everything possible to stop its implementation.

The Ethiopian Federal government had attempted to pass this so called Addis Ababa Master Plan in 2014 to control and to incorporate several big towns such as Ambo, Jimma, Mattu, Nekemte, Ghmbi, Waliso, Adama, Shashemene, Haromaya and others. At that time Qeerroo Bilisummaa and Oromo students submitted a nine-point appeal to all concerned government bodies. Since our appeal fell on deaf ears, we opposed the plan by igniting an Ormia-wide protest in which at least 280 Oromo students have been killed hundreds more wounded and tens of thousands jailed and tortured. The current declaration approved by Caffee Oromiyaa is done on the graves of the lives hundreds of Oromo school children killed in 2014 in opposition of the same plan. It is a declaration intended to be implemented through the barrel of the gun and by way of terrorizing the Oromo public. It is a historical crime against humanity and Caffee Oromiyaa and the TPLF government will be responsible for its consequences.

It is imperative that the entire Oromo people throughout the world not only strongly condemn but also stand in unison and resist and prevent it from being implemented. Qeerroo Bilisummaa therefore is determined to stand on the way of this evil plan and fight for the right of our people and hereby declare the following seven-point resolutions.

  1. We members of Oromo youth and Qeerroo hereby declare to wage and intensify an Oromia-wide protest of the Oromo people opposing the so called Master Plan of the TPLF led Ethiopian regime currently approved by the so called Caffee Oromiyaa who claims to represent the Oromo people. We will strongly support the voices of the Oromo youth recently manifested at Lake Arsadi (Bishoftu) Irreechaa festival and at Malkaa Ateetee Irreechaa event in Burayyuu through various traditional songs and slogans denouncing the Master Plan and uphold the resolutions informally passed by Oromo youth on those events.
  2. We call upon the Oromian Regional Administration and Caffee Oromian Parliament to immediately nullify and stop the Master Plan and extended plan to give away and sell Oromian towns as approved on October 1 – 3, 2015. We hereby declare that the so called Caffee Oromian Parliament does not in any way represent the Oromo people and does not speak for the Oromo people. Therefore, any resolution passed, including the current master plan, is null and void. If Caffee Oromian Parliament doesn’t cancel this plan, the Oromo people should stand up and request for this body to be legally responsible for the historical crimes it committed on the Oromo generation.
  3. We reiterate that Caffee Oromian Parliament will be solely responsible for the crimes of killing, abduction, arrest, torture that have been committed by the TPLF/EPRDF government on the Oromo people and other oppressed people of the Ethiopian Empire and that are yet to be committed as a consequence of the resistance of the Oromo public.
  4. We call upon the Oromo youth, Oromo civil servants, Oromo farmers, Oromo students, Oromo health professionals, members of Oromian police, Oromos who serve in the military of the regime to hold members of Caffee Oromian Parliament represented in your area responsible for their actions of crimes in the name of being their “representatives”.
  5. We cannot keep silent while our homeland Oromia is dismantled; our land is sold to transnational investors; our people are incarcerated, tortured and killed in mass on a daily basis; our students are dismissed from school, our farmers are evicted from their ancestral land; and the lives of millions of Oromos are taken away by man-made famine and disease. Therefore, we call upon the entire Oromo people to stand in unison and struggle for our rights and stop this evil so called Master Plan.
  6. We call upon all Oromo political and civic organizations, Oromo intellectuals and Oromo business men and women to join the Oromo people and the Oromo youth and avert this evil plan approved by Caffee Oromiyaa. We reiterate that it is your responsibility to liberate your homeland and your people from subjugation and save your country Oromia from being dismantled and dismembered into several pieces.
  7. We call upon members of the Oromian Police and Oromian militiamen and Oromos serving the regime in the military to join your people and oppose the master plan approved by Caffee Oromia for the intention of controlling the Oromo people and our homeland Oromia.

Victory to the Oromo people!
Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo,
October 15, 2015