End of organized suppression of Oromo Nation

Wahima Rasso | May 8, 2013

It is extremely excruciating and sorrowful that in this century we Oromos, one of Africa’s greatest people, do not have free political, economical and cultural representation in the United Nations while we are the first nation to adopt democratic government [Gadaa] unlike most world countries, which were under monarchs or iniquitous government systems.

Today the reverse is true, we are under brutal dictator and most of the world countries are building the democratic governments, which are not yet as competent and efficient as Gadaa System. I imagine how many remunerate the world lost because the Oromo nation fell under military occupation for about one hundred years. We are one of the few selectively strong, hospitable, kind, and largest peoples in Africa. One can look for evidence in our exceptional achievements in so many social affairs such as sport, art, education, culture, and love for nature and conservation even under such intolerable Abyssinian rules. What irritates me most is, we have everything to reclaim our boundaries, but barely organized that enemy exploits our every reserve, most of all for all we are worth, our human resources. Our land covers more than 600,000 sq km, which is much larger than any single country in Europe. Although Abyssinian never published honest statistic for their true fear, our population is definitely more than fifty millions. With out any doubt, with all of the above prerequisite and unconditional will for independence, we must have our independent country in the United Nations list.

No powers or no countries should stand on our way because we are different form them in culture, race, religion and worldviews. So far, if these were the cases, it only takes us what it took other countries to liberate from tyranny. Absolutely, we are able to do that any time soon or however long it takes.

We, Oromos, lost the battle as we fought to defend our country against the invading armies of Minilik. Our history in Ethiopia goes only as far as the day we lost the battle and they became our mighty rulers with European-aid, and armaments. This is always the case to reclaim our homeland which was overtaken by totally strangers, whom we do not have any blood, historical, and cultural relations. This is the main reason why today millions of Oromos cry for freedom as they are disadvantaged by successive governments of Abyssinian dissents.

There is no any will and agreement to serve Abyssinian rulers any longer while all kinds of miseries are inflicted on our nation in order to keep the rotten unity in which we watched and they ate or we died they lived. Including today’s world super powers, most countries have gone through a bitter struggle for independence of their Home land from tyranny. While this is evidently true, I wonder why these countries ignore the loud cry for independence of Oromia.

Today, as the world knows it, the TPLF government is sustaining its human right abuse, organized robbery, and ethnic supremacy only due to the large sum of money, and military equipments aid from the western super powers. Oromos and Oromia are one of the primary victims of TPLF’s organized crime in front of the world’s eyes and ears. The exodus of Oromo refugees, TPLF made famine and hanger over the relatively rich Oromia region, the adverse eco-system degradation, and the unlawful imprisonment, torture, and death of Oromos are all the product of foreign aid and foreign recognition of TPLF.

Oromia must not go through severe distraction in order to save injustice, tyranny, torture, and robbery oriented Abyssinian empire. We Oromos are the people with long history of peace and humanity, but now we are under organized attack from every angle that we ran out of any alternative except fighting back for our very servival. This must stop one-way or another as we start to fight back as our last drop of patience is gone forever. Finally, the world must know that Oromo has waited more than long enough for the world to act before it is too late. We are losing our fatherland to foreigners. We are losing our population to TPLF made famine, disease, torture, and wars.

The world must start acting now mainly by rejecting TPLF and desist from donating money and military equipments. The UN must denounce the systematic repression of Oromia by TPLF and its supporters, and welcome Oromia to the nations list.

At the same time, Oromos must stand up now; take individual responsibility to destroy TPLF and its networks everywhere and anytime. For us, this is not the time to sing, dance, celebrate, worship, marry, sit, sleep, laugh, dress, or eat. It is the time to cry for the killed brothers and sisters, famine-ridden population, imprisoned families, sick and weak Brother and sisters. Most of all, this is the time to shine by throwing TPLF out of Oromia. Thus, liberating Oromia hit the long over due goal. Oromian Ni Bilisomti!!!



Unity of Oromo Struggle is a priority The Oromo want dignity, self-expression, and self-governance. The Oromo want their voices to be heard. The Oromo want sovereignty They want to live together at peace with their neighbors, who themselves also live in freedom exercising their own sovereignty.The struggle for independence will continue until the Oromo question gets proper and just response. A well organized liberation struggle and the spirit of Oromummaa will save the nation’s unity and identity from later day detractors. Long Live Free Oromiyaa!!Down with Colonial forces and their lackeys!!

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