Oromo Refugees 4th Day of Demonstration in Cairo, Egypt

4th Day of demonstration of Oromo refugees in Cairo (June 12, 2013)

we are4th Day of Demonstration in front of UNHCR Cairo: 12th June 2013 at about 11.pm at night: We received information that one Oromo member was attacked in front of UNHCR while camping there by a group of Egyptian youth. They were agitated by Ethiopian name and it will take time to teach Egyptian who we are, we still say, police was involved in finding out….more Coming soon….

Guyyaa hardhaa 12/6/2013 hiiriraa nagayaa baqaattonnii ilmaan Oromo biyyaa Masrii jalqaban guyyaa 4ffaf ittii fufaa jira. Baqattonnii ilmaan Oromo biyyaa Masrii hangaa mirgii kenyaa nuuf egaamuttii akkasumaas nageenyii nuuf godhamuttii itti fufuu akka qaban murta’ee jiraa. Kayyoon hiiriiraa kana wan bayyee of keessaa qabaatuus innii guddaan mootummaa Itoophiyaatin biyyaa kenyaa irraa mirgaa sarbamnee biiyaa kana keessaa baqattumman jirraa. umaannii Masrii sababiii hidhamiinsaa bishanitin nu miidhinaa akasumas miidhaan nurraa gaha jiruu nurraa akka dhaabbatuu fi dhaabonnii mirgaa dhalaa nama akka nuuf dirmatuudhaa. Galatomaa nu hordafaa.
Oromia shall be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd Day of demonstration of Oromo refugees in Cairo (June 11, 2013)

Updates !!!

UNHCR regional representative visited Police stations where Oromo people are populated, the towns named Maadi, Darusalam, and Basaatin regions. after visiting these areas they found that it is true and have recognized the problems after visiting all stations, its was an emotional meeting with UNHCR regional representative today, they promise to follow this issue and solve our problems amicably. we really thank UNHCR regional director and his deputy Elizabeth tan for giving us attention in this critical time.

There is also an opposite demonstration by Ethiopian amhara community who will demonstrate later this week, UNHCR asked United Oromos to be peaceful as ussual, we promised to be peaceful and avoid any confrontation with ethiopian community who we consider them as extention of Ethiopian embassy.



Unity of Oromo Struggle is a priority The Oromo want dignity, self-expression, and self-governance. The Oromo want their voices to be heard. The Oromo want sovereignty They want to live together at peace with their neighbors, who themselves also live in freedom exercising their own sovereignty.The struggle for independence will continue until the Oromo question gets proper and just response. A well organized liberation struggle and the spirit of Oromummaa will save the nation’s unity and identity from later day detractors. Long Live Free Oromiyaa!!Down with Colonial forces and their lackeys!!

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