Urgent Appeal – Disappearance of Mr. Dabasa Guyo Saffaro

To Kenyan President Office
Nairobi – Kenya

Urgent Appeal

Disappearance of Mr. Dabasa Guyo Saffaro in Kenya –
An Oromo cultural and religious Scholar


It is with great sadness that we learned the disappearance of Dabasa Guyo Saffaro – a prominent Oromo Cultural and religious leader residing in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mr. Dabasa; a highly respected Oromo historian, thinker and cultural guru; was kidnapped on 27 September 2015 after the celebration of annual Oromo thanks giving day -Irreecha. He is an accomplished traditional expert who has dedicated himself for the revival of indigenous knowledge system in the Horn of Africa.  In particular his profound knowledge of the Gada system – an indigenous Democratic system of governance- has placed him among the few irreplaceable Oromo experts in the Horn of Africa. His extensive knowledge and exposition of the Gada system – currently practiced among the Oromos, has contributed not only to the revival of the system but also to its wider diffusion among international scholars such that it is currently being reviewed for recognition by UNESCO as one of the world heritages. Thanks to his dedication and exposition that the Gada system has obtained the attention it deserves as purely indigenous African wisdom of Governance.  The system has greatly contributed to socio-political peace and harmony among communities in the horn of Africa, but sadly so it appears that it has not offered Dabasa Guyo the peace he has preached all his life.

On the same footing, for his mastery of the wisdom of Waaqeffanna- a monotheist system of belief among the Oromos- and its practices, Dabasa Guyo was considered the Delai Lama of the Horn of Africa. He has an amazing memory of the indigenous knowledge of the Boran in particular and is indeed considered a walking encyclopedia of history, culture and belief and Oromo system of knowledge and philosophy in general.

He has travelled to different corners of the world to lecture about the importance of maintaining traditional wisdoms for the good of future generations and has created a network of similar traditions and is a well regarded by all.

Although finger pointing at this stage could be misleading, it is not difficult to point out that he had rough time with government of Ethiopia who was responsible for his eviction from the country some 35 year ago. Although he has never been a member of any political organization; his giant stature among Oromo scholars has always been seen with great suspicion by the Government of Ethiopia who shivers at any aspect of Oromo nationalism. In truth, Dabasa Guyo is just a free thinker and father of Argaa Dhageeti –  a traditional oral knowledge system that embodies culture, tradition, history and belief among the Oromo in the Horn of Africa.

Mr. Dabasa Guyo was kidnapped;  by no doubt evil forces;  while he was doing what he likes doing in life:-preaching peace. On 27 September he took part in the celebration of Irreecha- an annual Oromo thanks giving day – where he delivered his annual thanks giving blessings to his fellow Oromo country men. On this day,   he was kidnapped while on his way from the ceremony. Efforts to locate him have so far not proved successful. We are therefore appealing to the international community, the Kenyan government, the Kenya Police force, all communities in Nairobi to help us locate Mr Dabassa Guyo.

We appeal to you for he is also a father; a grandfather and a head of a family apart from his traditional wisdom.

He is a peace lover and preacher of harmony among communities all his life.
He does not deserve in any way any ill-treatment
We appeal to you to help us find his whereabouts.


Waqeffanna Oromo Religion


Unity of Oromo Struggle is a priority The Oromo want dignity, self-expression, and self-governance. The Oromo want their voices to be heard. The Oromo want sovereignty They want to live together at peace with their neighbors, who themselves also live in freedom exercising their own sovereignty.The struggle for independence will continue until the Oromo question gets proper and just response. A well organized liberation struggle and the spirit of Oromummaa will save the nation’s unity and identity from later day detractors. Long Live Free Oromiyaa!!Down with Colonial forces and their lackeys!!

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